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Paul McCartney Sends George Michael a Comfort Letter

It is said that Paul McCartney sent George Michael a 2-page letter to offer him comfort while in HighPoint jail in Suffolk, saying that he would visit the star soon. [NME]

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Beyonce Joins New Jersey Girls to Have a Little Dance

Singer, Beyonce was visiting hubby Jay-Z’s mom in a New Jersey ‘hood & got her groove on, joining line-dancing on the block with the girls.. very cute ☺ ☺ [UK Sun]

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Facebook – “The Social Network” Movie Opens Today

& Facebook execs are saying it’s storyline is fiction .. “The movie might be a sign that Facebook has become meaningful to people – even if the movie is fiction,” the company said in a statement. “What the movie may … Continue reading

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New Reality Show for Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton will star in a reality tv show where she is cast as herself. The show is not yet titled but will be on the Oxygen Network. Part of the show will feature her interactions with her friend Brooke … Continue reading

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Jennifer Lopez & Steven Tyler Talk About Judging Roles

New Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez says that new talents have been coming through the door, a bit nervous so they’re working them a bit harder to see what they’re capable of, giving them more of a chance to premiere their … Continue reading

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Jessica Simpson Tweets That She’s Off to See the Troops

Seen outside the Ritz in New York, Jessica Simpson was signing autographs before taking off to see the troops. She tweets that she’ll be posting pics & tweeting from far away… those lucky guys, hanging out with Jessica Simpson… ~~ … Continue reading

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