Missing Your Favorite Digitally Dead Celebs Yet??? & Internet Celeb Searches

I am definitely suffering KK withdrawal symptoms..! lol .. I heard Kourtney is missing Kim & Khloe on Twitter who are both digitally dead ATM… The “Keep a Child Alive” charity has raised about $4,000. more since this a.m.

[MTV] reports that KK & Miley Cyrus are top 2010 net celeb searches, w/Google releasing stats later. Miley Cyrus is at the no 3 spot, & Kim at 4 w/the BP Oil Spill & World Cup being 1 & 2. Other top celeb searches include Jessica Simpson, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Megan Fox, Paris Hilton & so forth… & I won’t let U in on how many times I google all those celebs every day.. LOL [MTV] has a summary.

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