My Review of Jessica Simpson’s “Happy Christmas” Album

I was looking around for a review of Jessica Simpson’s new cd “Happy Christmas” and haven’t seen any yet; probably too early, so I wanted to write one. I think the critics do their reviews but really it’s the fans reviews that are more telling.. so to say..

Anyway, “My Only Wish” is a new Xmas song written by Jessica Simpson & it has a very upbeat tempo that will make you want to have a little dance. With lyrics like “above all presents big & small, you’re the greatest gift of all” you can’t help but be touched by the lyrics.

The speeded up “Here Comes Santa Claus” is a delight & another song that will get you out of your seat. I loved it when Jessica sang this for her PBS special & asked the children if they were ready. I can see that she will make a super fun mom one day.

Jessica and the music orchestrated are beautiful in “O Come O Come Emmanuel” which is a song that will make you want to light your fireplace & reflect upon all good things in your life.

You know what I think of “I’ll Be Home for Xmas” ft. John Britt who is the Navy marine man who won her singing competition aboard USS Truman & will be home for Christmas with his family. It’s my absolute favorite for the sentiment, beautiful music & singing. Very classic & very classy!

“Happy Xmas (War is Over)” is another favorite of mine. Jessica did a superb job with her vocals and again the music. It’s beautiful & it might even bring a tear to your eye, reminding us to appreciate our loved ones.

Jessica did an explanation for her PBS special for “Mary Did You Know” saying Mary didn’t know she was birthing the baby that would save the world & Jessica wanted to sing the song, which is one of her favorite songs. Beautiful sentiment too.

“Merry Christmas Baby” ft Willie Nelson, whom Jessica said is one of her good friends, singing the blues showcases Jessica’s singing talent, with very cool & fun lyrics.

“Kiss me For Christmas” is another favorite of mine written by Jessica which will pull on your heart strings. The lyrics are really beautiful.

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” is done up as the magical classic that it is.

Jessica is amazing in “Carol of the Bells” which is literally breathless.

I think these are bonus tracks as they’re not listed on the album.. “Jingle Bell Rock” gets you swaying to the music and “Silent Night” will bring U back to the meaning of Christmas and the songs U grew up with.

Overall, I’d rate it a 5-star album which I think people of all ages will relate to. I love all the beautiful music arrangements & Jessica’s singing. I’ll be sending the album to as many friends & family as I can. Thanks to Jessica Simpson. xoxo =)

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