Ryan Seacrest is the 5th Most Influential Person on Twitter

Ryan Seacrest - pic

The New York Times named Ryan Seacrest as the 5th most influential person on Twitter. According to the story “most followed” doesn’t mean “most influential.” “Most influential” is defined by retweets or how many times one’s name is mentioned on Twitter. I’m always mentioning him; he’s one of the most interesting celebrity figures out there. Follow his tweets & Facebook profile and you’ll know what I’m talking about…. See the top ten “most influential/most followed” list @ [ryanseacrest].

Random comment .. So, how do you like your Ryan .. shaved up or with a 5 o’clock shadow? I like him roughed up a little bit.. We should take a vote.. =) Random comment allowed .. it’s been one helluva long day!

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