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On the Set of “Rain Over Me” With Pitbull & Marc Anthony

See behind-the-scenes while Pit & Marc Anthony were filming the video for “Rain Over Me” @ [planetpit.com]. Ooooh! It’s looking good.. ! Desert dancing, sexayyy singing, Pitbull, Marc Anthony + dancers.. Drop it Pit baybeeee!

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Lady Gaga Will Be on “A Current Affair” Next Monday

Lady Gaga will be on Australia’s “A Current Affair” next Monday for “A Gaga Affair.” How cute.. I read that Gaga will be performing as well. [Nine MSN] [Wikipedia pic]

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New Myah Marie Songs! Behind-the-Scenes .. & Tumblr..

Keep checking in Myah Marie’s official [Facebook] profile for new songs & updates. Myah posted “UR Girlfriend’s Nightmare” yesterday which is an older demo of hers. I love it! There’s quite a few songs posted on her bandpage so be … Continue reading

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September’s New Album, “Love CPR,” is Now Available in the US !

September’s new album, “Love CPR,” is now available in the US. You can buy it at [Amazon] for $7.99. I love the album. So many gooood dance tracks!

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R. Kelly Sings on Remix for Britney Spears’ “Till The World Ends”

Another day, another Britney Spears remix! R. Kelly remixed “Till the World Ends” & featured himself on vocals singing around & over Britney. Check it out .. [Till the World Ends] & read the write up at [MTV].

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The Advocate Interviews Lady Gaga for the August Issue

The Advocate did an interview with Lady Gaga which you can read [online]. Gaga is the August cover of the magazine. In the interview she talks about her fans, her new album and critics. I like what Gaga says when … Continue reading

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Eminem is the First Artist to Sell 1 Million Digital Copies of an Album with “Recovery”

With 1 million US digital downloads of “Recovery” sold, Detroit’s homie Eminem is breaking records again. Add in a few million hard copies & Em is sitting at over 3.9 million copies sold. [Billboard].

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