“Amazon Falls” is Playing in Vancouver Tonight!

After making rounds at the Canadian Film Festivals “Amazon Falls” is back & showing in Vancouver tonight at 7 pm at Denman Cinemas if you’re in the area! The movie is based upon the director, Katrin Bowen’s, acting experience in LA.

April Telek stars as “Jana,” a struggling Hollywood actress who is seeking success & stardom as she is nearing 40. The movie reveals the flip side of Hollywood & the struggles she faces to make it big.

April won the 2011 “Leo” & VIFF 2010 “Artistic Merit Award” for her leading role in this film! She’s such a good actress. I love the “walking out” scene in the club & her crying scene which is so good it makes me want to cry! Zak Zantiago is also cast in this Hollywood tale which was directed by Katrin Bowen & co-exec’d by Darren Reiter.

See the [trailer]! You can also see an interview about the movie from the [Vancouver Film Fest] which has really great messages from Katrin & April! I love what they both have to say & how April recognizes that there are a lot of “Janas” out there.

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