Lady Gaga’s “Scheiße” is One of My Favorite Workout Tunes… Scheiße, Damn, Scheißeeee.. !

Scheiße indeed! All the way through my workout it’s “damnnnn!” & “Scheißeee”.. lol! The beats in this song are really good for a fast-paced workout. Love it when the music gets all crazeeeyyy!

What are you doing to stay fit this summer? We can’t just have our favorite celebpretties having hot bodayyysss. We want to be lean & mean too!

Which celebs inspire your workouts? I’m inspired by Madonna, Kimmie K., Britney Spears, Myah Marie, Eva Longoria, Nicole Scherzy, JLO, MC & Kylie Minogue… (OK, everyone.. lol!) All of these ladies are really toned. I don’t believe it’s healthy to go overboard & show all of your bones. I just strive for toning and overall good cardio. I do power yoga, jogging/walking training & light arm weights 3-5 times a week. Anyways, check out Gaga’s song for your workouts & don’t forget you can also “just dance” to tone up.. =)) xo

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