Lady Gaga in Harper’s Bazaar

You can now read the [interview] & see the [pics] of a naked faced Gaga from the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine dubbed as “The Real Lady Gaga.”

About her shoes, Gaga says .. “There’s this one pair of shoes I’ve had for years, and they cost like $25. I have such an emotional attachment to the shoes that every time I see them, I can hear the fans and feel the bass coming through the bottom of the stage.” ..

Yup; sometimes the $25 shoes have more value to them then the expensive ones.

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1 Response to Lady Gaga in Harper’s Bazaar

  1. At her core, she is quite genuine. It is the hype and management that use her as a tool for their own ends. She carries quite a good message in her lyrics that will have a really good impact on the very young and also general social discourse.

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